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First audition for people wishing to be cast as a client in "issues". Florence Films will be holding auditions for a pilot and series called 'Issues' to be shot in Galway. "Issues" is centered around a psychotherapist, his life and, more importantly, his clients. For the pilot there will be 8 clients for an hour and a half screen-time. For your audition you will be required to improvise around a theme for 5-10 minutes. This will also serve as a preliminary screen test. Go to the Presenting Issues page to find almost every possible scenario dealt with during a normal psychotherapy session. The main character, Mike, played by Seán Ó Máille (a real Psychotherapist) will deal with the issues presented to him. The only things that will be false about you are your name and your presenting issue. It is suggested that you choose an issue about which you would have some knowledge, and also, that you would leave your other details such as number in family, position in family, age, marital status, sexual orientation, where you are from, etc, as they are in reality. This will help the audition run more naturally. If for example, Mike asks you about your family background and in reality you are an only child, but you say "I have two brothers and a sister", this will come across as being false (unless you are a very skilled actor!). 


It is important that we state here that all information that may surface in the audition, whether it be true or improvised, will be treated with the utmost respect and privacy. You will have a 7 day "cooling off" period, where you will have the right to withdraw any information already filmed. 
It is not necessary that you have a lot of experience, people with a certain "look" or ability may fare well also. Some knowledge of psychotherapy or counselling, either as a client, therapist or supervisor, would obviously be an advantage. 
Most importantly, relax and enjoy the process as much as possible. 

Good Luck! 


For your first round audition you were asked to pick a presenting issue and improvise on it. It was also suggested for that audition that you kept your other details as they were in your real life. Now that we know you can improvise we would like to challenge you with some general direction. What we are looking for this time is to see how you can bring to life a character that is different to you and different to the previous one you played in the first round audition. 



It is not necessary that you say these things in the audition, but you must use them to drive your character, and be conscious of them in case you are asked a specific question. Choose five of the following: 

  • I moved house / school when I was a child and lost all my close friends

  • My father was very emotionally closed

  • My mother used to get mood swings for no reason

  • We had plenty of everything except love in our home

  • My father was an alcoholic / gambler / drug addict

  • My mother / father died when I was young

  • I was the eldest

  • I was the middle child

  • I was the youngest

  • I was an only child

  • All girls / all boys in the family, except / including me

  • My mother / father often went days without speaking to us

  • A parent / relative / teacher was inappropriate around me sexually, but yet I could never say they did anything

  • I was beaten a lot as a child and my siblings weren't

  • I was assigned a rigid, unchanging role as a child, as were my siblings. Mine was scapegoat / golden child / caretaker / lost child

  • I was constantly put down or ridiculed as a child

  • My father was a workaholic

  • My mother dressed too young for her age and flirted with every man she met

  • My father hated women

  • My mother hated men



Pick five characteristics that are different to your real-life personality from the list below. Again, it is not necessary to state these in the session, but have absorbed them into the character to a point where they are almost unconscious. 

  • I am tidy

  • I am untidy

  • I am depressed

  • I feel anxious a lot

  • I am obsessive about some things

  • I find it difficult to be around the opposite sex

  • I find it easier to be around the opposite sex

  • I think too much

  • I am impulsive

  • I use porn a lot

  • I play down my intelligence

  • I'm constantly acting

  • I abuse my sexuality

  • I'm always early / late

  • I'm good / bad with money

  • I don't get too close to people

  • I get close to people, but constantly get hurt

  • I like / hate rules

  • I like / hate to be the centre of attention

  • I feel misunderstood



  • How long will it me to get right?

  • How long will it take you to fix me?

  • I don't want to be one of these indulgent people, always talking about they feel...

  • This probably isn't important, but...

  • I had this dream last night...

  • I had a bad week

  • I went to visit my parent's during the week, and...

  • I can't figure out why this keeps happening to me

  • Why can't men / women / people / my boss just...

  • I'd say I'm going to be coming here for a while


Best of luck in your audition.


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