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BORDERLINE charts the downward spiral of Mike Gleeson, a gifted but over-worked psychotherapist with a Messiah Complex. The unravelling of his life accelerates when he takes on a particularly dangerous client. 

"Welcome to the modern-day confessional"

Setting up for an important production meeting.....

Pilot Synopsis

BORDERLINE tells the story of Mike Gleeson, a gifted psychotherapist, who challenges himself by treating more and more clients with Borderline Personality Disorder.


After receiving a package from the widow of a colleague, Adam Hardiman, Mike takes on a particularly dangerous client named Barry Quinn.


Mike also has to deal with a full diary of other challenging clients, plus the slow disintegration of his marriage to Connie, and the disapproval of his supervisor, Mary.


Will Mike cope with the unusual coincidences in his practice and overcome his demons, or will he and his clients ultimately be destroyed by them?

      ......and the drama unfolds......!

A typical FF writers' meeting at HQ.


This is a promo of the pilot episode of BORDERLINE, a psychological drama series produced by Florence Films.
©Florence Films Ltd. 2016

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